Normal Anatomy  


Description : Welcome to the Hawke Library.

Over the past 30 years I have established a collection of photographs of the ear, nose, and temporal bone which have been extremely useful for teaching purposes.

This collection could not have been possible without the assistance of Dr Karl Storz whose generosity and outstanding photographic equipment enabled me to take endoscopic photographs of unparalleled clarity.

These photographs are being made available to anyone who wishes to use them for instructional or educational purposes, including lectures, patient educational brochures, web based instructional sites and for non commercial medical publications.

The copyright for these photographs for commercial purposes is retained by me.

To download a photograph just “double-click” the photograph so that it enlarges to its full size and then “right-click” the enlarged photograph and use the “save as” command.

Michael Hawke MD
Toronto February 14 2004

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